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Cloud based mobile technology that helps teachers engage students and parents in music practice like never before.

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The one solution that keeps music teachers, students, and parents connected throughout the week!
How It works?

Record Instructions

Teachers can record rich multimedia instructions for each assignment they want their students to practice.

Get Live Updates

As students practice, teachers get live updates on their devices allowing them to check in and listen to practice sessions, if needed.

Award and Motivate

Teachers can create awards that are automatically given to students as they achieve practice goals. Teachers can also create friendly competition and gamification through practice challenges and rankings.

Get Activities Updates

In the case of young students, parents are automatically updated as teachers create new assignments, as students practice, win awards etc.

Are you ready to try practicia?

Do you struggle to motivate your students to practice? Do you wonder how much and how they practice?

Do you get frustrated with parents disengaging from their kids’ music lessons or classes?

PRACTICIA may be the solution!